When I think of the best sex dolls in the world, I can’t help but gush with admiration. They’ve come so far! From the plain, rigid, and unflinchingly expressionless dolls of before, these babies look unbelievably lifelike – like they can walk right out of the box and straight into my life.

My friends think I’m crazed for buying dolls like these, but I can’t help it! These dolls have personality and bring pleasure to me beyond anything else I’ve experienced. Today, they come in all shapes and sizes, all with unique features including realistic skin, easy-to-use designs, intensified orgasms, and more.

I personally think the RealDoll is one of the best sex dolls out there. It’s incredibly realistic, right down to the customizable skin tone and hair colour. Not to mention the posable joints, allowing it to be bent, twisted, or manipulated into any position. That was always the biggest issue I had with older models- they were so stiff and hard to maneuver, which kind of defeats the purpose.

And the vibrations! Oh my, the vibrations! Nowadays, there’s a wide array of vibrators and clit stimulators that can be incorporated into the dolls, taking your sex game to a whole different level! TheSusi Doll is a good example, you can get all sorts of attachments from a regular vibrator to a dual-tone vibrator and it all fits perfectly into the doll.

Of course, cost can be an obvious factor in determining the best sex dolls. Happily, there are lots of options for everyone, depending on their budget. If you’re on the hunt for the crème de la crème, the luxurious RealDoll can be yours for around $6000. And if you don’t have that kind of cash-ola to spend, there are still tons of fantastic choices that won’t break the bank. With something like the Naturdoll, at just over $700, you can get a top-quality doll with excellent lifelike features.

Aside from cost, durability should also be at the forefront of your decision. Dolls like the WMDoll are made from TPE which makes them strong and durable, so you can bend, twirl, twist, and massage them without them becoming misshapen or snapping into two. Plus, the smooth texture and realistic feel will make you feel like you’re not even using a sex doll.

What makes the best sex dolls stand out even more is that many of them have the ability to be customized. You can make yours stand out from the rest by adding freckles, tattoos, and scars. You can also get special outfits and accessories to enhance your experience.

If you’re curious and want to try your hand at the kinkiest sex doll experience, I highly recommend the FGM doll. It has a realistic feel and it’s equipped with adjustable straps that are attached to its arms and legs. This doll has all sorts of sensors on its body that respond to your movements and make it even more enjoyable to play with.

The next great option is the HM Doll. This doll is skin-like and designed to give the most lifelike experience possible. The great thing about it is that it’s also equipped with interactive functions and skill boosting programs, so you can learn and practice different techniques on it.

When it comes to customization, nothing beats the OR Doll. This sex doll has customizable facial expressions, sex toys hair color, wig and overall body look. You can even make it look like a specific celebrity if that’s what you’re into. On top of that, it comes with its own voice technology which allows you to customize the way it talks and its responses. It’s definitely a unique experience to be had.

Another great one is the Sexy Real Sex Doll. It’s very easy to manipulate and comes with a wide range of accessories that will take your sex dolls’ experience to the next level. Plus, it comes with a storage bag so it’s easy to keep clean and hygienic.

And for the best of the best, you can’t go wrong with the SY Doll. It’s incredibly realistic and made with a combination of metal and silicone for the most realistic feel possible. Plus, the skin has a realistic-looking pigment which makes it look like a real human.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your personal preference and budget. But one thing’s for sure, the best sex dolls are out there, you just have to find the one that’s right for you!